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    Mobile Car Valet Furness


    Full Car Valet provide car valet services in Mobile Car Valet Furness. We pride ourselves on our well built reputation earned throughout the many years in the car valeting industry. At Full Car Valet you will receive a high quality car washing & full valet service in Furness from our specialist car washers who are well trained, polite and friendly. We provide specialist washing and valeting services in Furness for all types of vehicles from prestige cars, high performance cars and vans, to commercial vehicles, light aircraft and helicopters.



    Our full mobile valet cleaning services in Furness include the following;


    Exterior Valet includes:

    Wash & Liquid Wax
    Leather Dry
    Door shuts cleaned
    Wheel Washed
    Tyres Dressed
    Auto Glym polish applied
    Exterior chrome and plastics cleaned
    Windows polished inside and out
    Interior Valet includes;

    Boot space vacuumed & cleaned
    All leather upholstery, carpets / floor mats shampooed
    Dashboard and wood fascias polished
    Air freshener


    Mobile Car Valeting Furness

    Our mobile full valet services are used by many clients, big and small companies and individuals in Furness.


    We use specialist equipment and products to get the best shine on your vehicle. We use purified water so no water marks are left after washing your vehicle. We work with a range of cars everyday, we can clean any car not matter the size or value. Many of loyal customers trust us to give them the best wash for their highly valuable cars.



    We are not your every day car cleaners, we provide specialist services and use the correct tools and professional equipment to give you the best possible wash and customer satisfaction. Our full valet services are quick, efficient and affordable, please feel free to browse our gallery page to see what we can achieve.


    Furness (FUR-nəs) is an area of Cumbria in northwestern England. Together with Cartmel it forms North Lonsdale, which was historically an exclave of Lancashire. The region may be split into two areas: Low Furness and High Furness. The former consists of the headland bounded on west by the Duddon estuary and on the east by Morecambe Bay, while the latter extends inland into the Lake District and contains the Furness Fells.[1] Off the southern tip of Low Furness is Walney Island, eighteen kilometers in length, as well as several smaller islands.

    The town of Barrow, which developed as Furness’s iron industry flourished in the 19th century, dominates the region: the surrounding borough contains three quarters of the total population of 91,563.[2] Other significant settlements are Ulverston, Dalton, Coniston, Broughton, and Askam & Ireleth.


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